Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tricky, Tricky

Johnny DOH-gar just doesn't stop, does he? The Warden is seeing signs of megalomania and narcissism in his posts.

This time, he is complaining that the Republican Chairman in his town discriminated against Many Losses Michailescu. Boo hoo hoo.

His big problem has to do with the petitions filed by Many Losses when she was trying to get on the Rochester Republican Committee. This actually seemed like it might be a valid point being made by Johnny DOH-gar, so the Warden called a friend at the Board of Elections and asked what the truth is.

Turns out that the whole thing is really simple. Many Losses broke the law, pure and simple. She changed her petitions after they were signed.

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. The Warden has to wonder if you will ever grow up. Stop blaming everybody else. Many Losses broke the law. She did that. Nobody else. The responsibility is hers and maybe yours, if you were helping her.

Take your medicine by like grown ups and stop crying like babies. That's the Warden's advice to the daft.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Nut #2 -- Many Losses

The Warden read a letter in the Kingston Freeman from Many Losses Mihaelescu.  It contains lies.  The Warden hates lies.

Many Losses claims she was unaware of a Republican Primary for US Senate.  Her Husband, DOH!!-gar, wrote about it on either his blog and his stolen Rochester Republican site.   

So the Warden says that Many Losses is a liar.  Welcome to the asylum nut #2 !!  Your padded cell is ready.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Johnny DOH-gar posted something on his website yesterday that troubles the Warden. He copied and pasted a comment from someone who was all bent out of shape because she had to leave her zumba class early because a group of boys whose religion did not allow them to be in close proximity to women who were not family members was coming in.
The way our zumba group was treated on Tuesday July 3, 2012 was nothing short of hideous. Being hustled and herded like cattle in a big hurry to make sure that a group of boys didn lay eyes on us lest their religion blow up in their faces just violates more boundaries and rights than I know how to articulate.
The Warden can only assume that the boys they are talking about were from a Hasidic Jewish group.

The Warden does not want to accuse anyone of anti-semitism but at the very least Johnny DOH-gar is being highly intolerant and insensitive to exploit the religious rules these boys live under. This is not something a decent person does.

On the other hand, he just may not have been raised to know better:

The Warden does wonder if Johnny DOH-gar lived by rules which kept him away from women he is not related to if he might not be the laughing stock of Kerhonkson for the way he handled things with his wife a few years ago,

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Here's Johnny!

Johnny DOH-gar seems to have quite an obsession with Len and Terry Bernardo. Since he took the Rochester Republican Club's website and turned it into his own personal sludge pile, he has done almost nothing but talk about these two people. and the talk has gotten worse as time went on, especially since he started a little blog in addition to his website.

The Warden's diagnosis for Johnny DOH-gar? Obsessive Repulsive Disorder.

Here are a few of the gems coming out of the brain of this genius (not even close to all the mentions of the Bernardos or the many Photoshopped masterpieces Johnny DOH-gar has on his site):

"Gerald Fornino — the Chairman of the Rochester Conservative Party — has one friend: Len Bernardo — Chairman of the Ulster County Independence Party... That means that Conservative Party line, the gift to Terry from Gerry, was taken away by the bad, bad, but honest man (myself). It also means that Gerry Fornino — who aspires to be a Town Justice someday — is incapable of filling out a simple petition form."

"Incumbent Bernardo: stop lying!"

"Let me say it again: Patricia Jacobsen committed perjury." (referring to an honest mistake made on a single signature collected by Mrs. Jacobsen)

"Terry Lynn Blosser Bernardo is running for Ulster County Sheriff. What? She is not? Then how can you explain the milking dry the Grafitti Cow?"

"Animals for Terry Bernardo?"

"Ulster County GOP sold to Len Bernardo for $1"

"Congratulations Bernardo County for getting a big deal (dirty, but big)."

"Indeed! Len Bernardo does the cooking, Fawn Tantillo does the laundry, Langdon Chapman does the cleaning, and now she's getting lots of free PR!"

"If only the Bernardos would have known this a few years back!"

"To commemorate the famous journalistic breakthrough of 2012, President Terry Bernardo decided to deliver the State of the Union address from her beloved parallel bars."

"Seeds from Terry Bernardo's pumpkin"

"I'm telling you, Terry Bernardo is presidential material. She has her own vocabulary, and she has the tenacity to hold on to it forever."

"I love Terry. Love's a feeling you feel when you feel you're going to feel the feeling you've never felt before."

"The day the Republicans decided that Mrs. Len Bernardo was the right choice for Chair was without question, the darkest day in Ulster County Republican Party's history."

"Having Mrs. Len Bernardo lead them is the worst possible situation there could be. She is out for herself, her husband, the Independence Party and to force their way into political importance in Ulster County and beyond."

"Stop crying! The comparison between Terry Bernardo and Elena Ceausescu is more than waranteed. [sic]"

"All these years of hard work, scheming and dirty dealing, all this blackmailing and manipulation, all the mudslinging on Blaber’s and Roberti’s blogs, all the support from Bonacic, Catalano, O’Halloran and Rascoe, and nobody told Terry Bernardo 'Beware of the staple!'"

"Terry Bernardo’s golden vision, as well as her taxpayers’ watchdog impersonation are accurately depicted in the illustration above."

"There are no doubts about Terry Bernardo being behind the smear campaign against Manuela Michailescu."

"By posting the above lies fed to him by Terry Bernardo, Blaber facilitated a disgusting frenzy of hate, stupidity, lies and ignorance, all displayed in these 147 anonymous comments. Sure, Team Terry wrote the comments, but Blaber approved them."

"In reality, Blaber and Bernardo smeared Manuela Michailescu, trying to discredit her opposition to the infamous dirty deal cooked by Terry Bernardo’s husband."

"Jeremy Blaber is a weasel, and so is Terry Bernardo"

"What is Terry Bernardo trying to achieve? Beats me, but a better question is why would she make public this strange narcissistic video of herself being pushed off the low bar and pulled off the high bar?"

"Before I forget: Terry Bernardo and Jeremy Blaber are weasels."

"Bernardo Team Stuck on Creativity"

"Len Bernardo, you should be up in an hour or so. Would you mind writing a post about this post? In your unmistakable style?"

Inmates taking over the asylum

Ulster county politics has always been a little crazy but lately things have become damn near clinical. The parties used to fight things out. You know. Knock down, drag out, bare knuckle brawls. Then, they would get together over a beer.

Now we have some people who have never had any real success in politics throwing mud at those who are actually doing something. These are people who have convinced themselves that they are doing good when all they are doing is hurting people. This is about revenge and causing damage. Nothing else.

The inmates are trying to take over the asylum. The top three patients are Robin No-No (former Republican Chairman), Johnny DOH-gar (who has never been anything or achieved anything in politics) and Many Losses Michailescu (who only won a single election when she was dragged along by the people she ran with).

Don't worry though. The inmates aren't going to get into the medical cabinets as long as The Warden is on the job.
The Warden will keep the gates locked and issue regular updates about the funny farm and the crazies who inhabit it. The Warden will not let them get away with any funny business.

Everyone knows they are prone to saying the sky is falling. Everyone knows they think they are Napoleon. Everyone especially knows they blame everyone else for everything but love to take credit when they don't deserve it.

That's ok. With proper medication many kinds of craziness can be treated. This blog is the pill for their delusions.